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Pinch Hitter Course

Pinch Hitter Course   $1095.00       

Additional training at regular rates

Do you sometimes fly as a passenger in light aircraft? If so, have you ever wished you knew enough about what was going on to actually participate in the flight, rather than just riding along?  That's what this course is about.   By explaining the basics of flying without a lot of technical jargon, we hope to accomplish two objectives.


One is to answer your questions, address some common concerns, and help you get more enjoyment out of your next trip.  When you finish, you'll know a lot more about what's involved in flying an airplane, and you'll be able to lend a hand with routine tasks in the cockpit.


Two is, although emergency situations caused by pilot incapacitation are very rare, make you better prepared to deal with the situation.  Of course, we can't teach you everything about flying in a eight hour course, we can, however, give you a good introduction to the fundamentals. You learn how to fly straight and level, make turns, climb, and descend. Later, you'll move on to navigation, communication, and flying to an airport for landing.


3 Hours ground


Aircraft Flight

            Aircraft Control





2 Hours sim


1 Hour cockpit orientation with conventional panel

            1 Hour cockpit orientation with glass panel


* Fundamentals of Flight in each configuration with emphasis on landings

            * Night simulation to be included


3 hours flight


            Maneuvering by outside reference

            Level flight and turns

            Climbs and descents

            Approach and landings









* Course can be adjusted for specific needs of the student

* Additional ground and flight training will be at the regular rate.